how it works



How it works

1. Email us at info@funkyhorns-sheetmusic.nl with the charts that you’re interested in from our inventory and please note your instrumentation.

2. You will receive an email in which we’ll confirm the price of your order and if there are any volume discount available. The email includes all the instructions you require to make a payment using a bank debit .  (Please note:  If you choose the bank debit option it can take 5+ business days for your payment to clear and for your charts to be delivered).

3.Once your payment has been processed we will deliver your charts as pdf-files by email.

Chart Pricing

€ 7,53 per score, so for each instrument.
Customization, does not include additional costs for you!

If you can not find the score you need it can always be arranged for you. The costs are based on a fixed hourly rate.

It is also possible to order arragements for numbers which has no horns. These costs are based on a fixed hourly rate.

For more information or if you have any questions, please send an email.